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Refrigerants are the basis for a multitude of technical applications for air conditioning and cooling, from air conditioning for buildings through industrial production up to air conditioning in cars and commercial vehicles. Our assortment of refrigerants for old and new installations completely conforms to the DIN8960 „Anforderungen an Kältemittel“ (requirements for refrigerants) and the associated level of purity. We also have a suitable solution for your exact requirements.

The selection of the ideal refrigerant has a significant influence on the efficiency and energy consumption of a cooling system. Many factors have to be taken into consideration such as the suitability for the temperature range, the compatibility to the machines and material used, the thermodynamic properties and not least the conformance to the relevant directives and laws. We would be glad to help you selecting the refrigerant exactly suited to your application.

We can give you a first indication with the following overview of the temperature ranges for the most common refrigerants. By clicking on the respective refrigerant in the graphic or in the menu on the left you will receive detailed information.

Temperaturbereiche - Friedrichs Kältemittel
Temperaturbereiche - Friedrichs Kältemittel
DEU - Temperaturbereiche - Friedrichs Kältemittel.pdf
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Temperature Ranges - Friedrichs Kaeltemittel
Temperature Ranges - Friedrichs Kaeltemittel
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