Friedrichs Kältemittel

900 Litre container

We stock all the common container and cylinder sizes for refrigerants, from the smallest containers up to the ISO-container.

The valve types listed are part of our proven standard programme. If required we can also offer you other valves suited to your requirements. We would be glad to advise on the subject of „refrigerant valves“.

900 Litre container
Height: 2270 mm
Overall diameter: 800 mm
Tare weight: 546 kg
Test pressure: 51 bar
Authorisations: EN 14208
Stress analysis and design of the container: EN 14208, EN 13445, ADR-RID, TPED 2010/35/EU
 Kältemittel Behälter 900 Liter
Two valves fitted, one valve with immersion tube for liquid withdrawal and the second valve for gas withdrawal. Each threaded connection 1 ¼ – 7 BSW RH.