Friedrichs Kältemittel

Four terms: recovery, recycling, reclamation, destruction

In regulation EC No 842/2006, also known as the F-gas regulation, the definition of terms when dealing with used refrigerants is explained. In doing so it is differentiated between four terms which, at this point, we would like to describe to you:

  • Recovery: A withdrawal and storing of fluorinated greenhouse gases. The gases (e.g. HFC / CFC refrigerants) can be withdrawn from existing cooling systems or containers.
  • Recycling: The term „recycling“ means the reuse of recycled fluorinated greenhouse gases that have previously been cleaned in a defined cleaning process.
  • Reclamation: The reclaimed fluorinated greenhouse gas is upgraded by appropriate treatment to a defined standard (degree of purity).
  • Destruction: In this process the fluorinated greenhouse gas is mainly converted into other stable substances which are not fluorinated greenhouse gases. A further method is the simple destruction of the greenhouse gases.

The F-gas regulation can be downloaded here and in our download area.

Verordnung EU Nr. 517-2014 (ab 01.01.2015)
Verordnung EU Nr. 517-2014 (ab 01.01.2015)
DEU - Verordnung EU Nr 517-2014.pdf
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Languages: Deutsch
Regulation EU No 517-2014 (from 01-01-2015)
Regulation EU No 517-2014 (from 01-01-2015)
ENG - Regulation EU no 517-2014.pdf
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Languages: English
Datum: 3. April 2013